Allyson & Jake

Many moons ago I met a girl named Allyson. She was kind of weird, but so was I, so we hit it off as friends. We took mini road trips where she would throw my cd’s out the window, and we would sing at the top of our lungs to 90’s pop music. She has always been one to challenge me to dig deeper, strive for better, and just love life. Although we don’t see each other as much any more, I’m happy to say every time we hang out it seems as though we’ve not missed a beat.

Al, you’re awesome. And I’m so glad I was able to get some photos of you guys today!



3 responses to “Allyson & Jake”

  1. It was ONE cd, for the record. And it was recovered. :)
    Love you.

  2. Love the shots, Sarah Luanne. And … umm, what CD was it? there’s a whole story here.

    1. Thanks, Lis’beth! I believe it was my Smokie Noreful album. :) I don’t really remember why, but Al was holding it out the window when we were driving…

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