Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

After quite a few years of marriage, my parents let me take some portraits of only them. :) When we went back inside my mom smirked and said, “Now you know how much I love you to let you take my picture.” Ha, they are so cute, and i love em’!

4 responses to “Mr. & Mrs. Anderson”

  1. Glen and Terri Skifstad Avatar
    Glen and Terri Skifstad

    What a wonderful couple! Praise God for Pat and Arlin and their family members.

  2. Meghan Anderson Avatar
    Meghan Anderson

    Love these pics and the folks in them!!! And I am SOOOOO excited to see our photos. Had so much fun on our photo session today! (and yes, the baby calmed down right when we got in our warm car). Thanks again Sarah and Josiah!

  3. Thanks, all of you… you and your families, too…and look forward to seeing you soon!!!!

  4. BTW, the puppies are cuter now…. :) and are looking for homes!!

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